Being too kind.

Sometimes being too kind is not good for you. You know the world is cruel. Ops, not the world but the people who lives in this world. How cruel they are ? When you're being too nice, they take it for granted. They wanted you to listen and do every each of thing they asked you for. I can do it at least once or twice, but say no more after that. I'm just a normal human being, I've my feelings too. But when you care about someone's feeling but they don't care about yours why bother do whatever shitty thing they asked you to do?

I'm not that kind of person who always asking someone to do your shitty thing when you can do it by yourself without asking anyone to help you. Come on lah, stop being so selfish and do it by yourself. You can't control people like you wanted to. You're not their God, you're just a bloody human being so be a good one. I'm sick with this kind of attitude. And I hope that I won't meet this kind of human again in my life. Thanks for those who backing me up when they did this to me. 

I'm not that straight-forward person like you guys but please treat me like a human. I'm not your "hamba abdi" to do your shit while you can do it by yourself. So you should be really thankful that I'm not that kind of person who is a straight-forward one. You better be careful and watch your tongue because "what you did you'll get back". Have a nice day my awesome people. Love you :)

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