Thread Question ;

1. Good sense of humor or good sense of fashion ?
What a tough question, I don't think I've a good sense of fashion so I go with "Good Sense of Humor" well you need to be happy don't you agree with me ? 💘

2. Return flight to any destination in this world for one. Where will you go and why?
I think I'll go with "Bora Bora Island" since it's one of the best place for a vacation. And I wanna be there at least once in my life.

3. How would you prefer to die?
Die in peace 👆

4. Your favorite rapper and name one song?
So if I've to choose I'll go with BTS ( J-Hope / Suga / RapMon ) and of course their MIC DROP song is the 💣💣💣

5. The most important thing you look into your soulmate?
The one that can understand me and always be there when I needed someone 💕 You know supporting me and someone that can lead me to be a better me.

6. Your dream honeymoon destination?
I think South Korea will be the greatest honeymoon destination ever. Hahahaha so to my future husband be prepared.

7. Favorite athlete and why?
Dato Lee Chong Wei is the one that I respected the most because he's such a humble person and I've to admit I started playing badminton is because of him. I wanted to be like him. He will always be my number 1 fav athlete ever 💪 .

8. Your common excuse when you don't feel like chillin?
"Sorry I've something to do." / "Sorry my parents won't let me go out" / "Sorry" HAHAHA wtf.

9. What is the most attractive thing about yourself?
I just make a guess, well I guess....I'm clumsy?

10. What's the best way to calm yourself?
By crying and being alone. I can calm myself down and start to rethink about what I've did before 😢

11. The biggest mistake you've made to someone?
Being nice in front of someone, but when I'm with my other friends I started to talk bad about her since my friends hated her but...I just follow the flow but truly from the bottom of my heart, I like being her friend so...I know that is the biggest mistake I've made ever. And she knew about it when she heard what I said to my friends and from that day she stop talking to me and...Well it's a goodbye.

12. What would you say to your crush?
Since when "idk" but I've been liking you. Thank you for making my heart beats so fast when I see you and I hope you'll find someone that's gonna make your heart beats fast just like mine. And I hope you'll ended up with her ( it could be me too right? ) 🙈🙈

13. Who would you like to meet one day?
I wanna meet Ong Seungwoo and Kang Daniel because they were amazing when they were together and I love both of them so much!

14. People will remember me as..
a clumsy girl? or just remember me as a "wiwi".

15. Your least favorite food is?

16. One language you had want to learn?

17. If I were an animal I would like to be?
CROCODILE because I wanted people to be scared at me.

18. The funniest person I know is..
My best friend "Faez" idk why I like the way she's talking about her life the way she sounds like. She..just amazing. I adore her and yes she's so cute.

19. Top 3 colours in your life?
It should be black blue and ... still searching

20. How did your parents knew each other?
They worked together and my mom started first by buying him "teh ais" and they started to date after that 💕