Finally it's over !

I'm so glad that finally my clinical posting for my last semester is over! Alhamdulillah, my 10 weeks ( hectic life ) is over. Like seriously almost everyday you've to wake up early and get ready for work and that you've to face with a lot of people . And now I've 2 months left before I'm officially over with my diploma life. I can't wait for that moment but surely I'll be missing my best buddies ( Zati Faez and Qila ). Please take care of yourself and don't miss me okay. 

So special thanks to my LP which is Puan Chen and Kak Ham for helping me for the past 10 weeks. Thank you for teaching me and I've learnt a lot of thing during my clinical session. And not to forget, thanks to all radiographer in charge for teaching me and helping me from the first day I came there until today which is my last day. I also can't believe that finally I make it and I'm so proud of myself.

I'll never forget my first and my last CME with all the staff in x-ray department. Special thanks to Miss Foo for your compliment about my English ( i mean the rest of presenter on that day ) . Yup, I've to admit that I'm quite nervous and scared but luckily Allah helps me. He helps me by keeping my mind clear and I'm happy with my presentation. And thank you for saying like " Are you from MRSM?" or "Are you from matrikulasi student?" . Yes, I'm proud saying that I'm just from a "BIASA SCHOOL" and I'm from UniKL student. 

One of the best thing is when they always celebrating something like almost once / week . Which is really good since I'm a student so free food is the best thing in my life. During our last day, we're celebrating April, May And June's baby. Thanks for making me a part of this feast. I'm so happy because you know " Free food " . And yeah , I like it when they keep on asking what is our name. And I'm so glad that finally someone recognize me and calling my name instead of calling me "adik". 

Because before this, during my clinical posting in other hospital ( semester 5 ), it's one of the main hospital but the staff there didn't even bother to ask me what's my name so they don't know my name and keep on calling me "adik". And I kinda hate it when they do it. But what should I say hahaha. So back to my story, thanks for knowing my name "Wiwi" and most of you know that I live in Permatang Pauh hahaha. What else ermm yes ! This one " THANKS ADIK SEBAB TOLONG HARINI" . What a nice words. I like when they always said "thanks" because I know that they appreciate my works and even thought my legs feels numb but I don't care because they appreciate me. That's what I have always wanted .

So I think thats all and have a nice day everyone and salam ramadhan al mubarak. Puasa bagi penuh ye hahahaha   

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