Bring it on .

Hello ladies :) . Yes , there will be 1 week left before posting to Hospital Batu Gajah . Kinda excited and scared at the same time . Wish me luck gais . I'll be posting there for 3 weeks and after posting , it's gonna be hell as I know . There will be a bunch of test , assignment , case and of course I have to prepare for war . This sem 3 final exam will be held on this December . Hoping that everything is gonna be just fine . And yes ! Included OSPE and OSCE . Tbh , I'm scared like what if I didn't make it , I don't know how to explain and do the right thing and maybe I'm getting confuse about humerus and femur . Maigad , hope that won't be happening . Please please please ~

Sometimes I didn't get it why peoples are so jealous "pandang rendah" with my course by saying that "Hang punya course kacang ja , setakat shoot apalah sangat tak mcm course aku blabla*shit*" . And yes, I have this one friend who told me that his course is "sama taraf" with DOCTOR . Okay , let make it clear , what do u mean by saying that statement ? Okay , I got this answer from my senior who's taking MBBS . He said like this " Okay , do you consider our prime minister and the government workers ada taraf yang sama?" And the answer of course lah not kan . So , it's the same lah wey . 

That's all gais. Assalamualaikum . Have a nice day <3 p="">

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