Sunday .

It's Sunday and yes I'm gonna pack all my stuff and get ready to go back to Ipoh . My second home . I think this week would be my toughest week ever ! I got a lot of thing to be settled . And yes , I think it would be so exhausted and tired man . I got 4 test and yes , there will be 2 classes where I've to go back home at 7pm and yes everyday I'm gonna going back home LATE than usually because I'm one of committee for debate so yes I have to handle things . When I think about it , I was like why am I this stupid . It's better if I didn't take the offer that they gave to me . Now , there's no turning back Wiwi . But well , at least I can improve my English speaking skill. You know you'll talk in English when you're surrounded with HUMAN THAT CAN SPEAK ENGLISH VERY WELL.

Besides that I've some good news that I would to share with my lovely readers . Actually , I'm going posting this upcoming November at Hospital Batu Gajah . I'm so excited and scared because it's gonna be my first time posting and handling real patient and facing with fierce radiographer there *just imaging that the radiographer there is quite scary* . I'm prying that everything gonna be just fine . There'll be just me , Faezah , Zati and Nana posting in Hospital Batu Gajah . While the others at Kuala Kangsar , Tapah and Ipoh . Well , hoping that it will be a great experience for us .

Last but not least , take care of yourself and see you next 2 week since it's midsem break for my UniKL . Hahaha , take care everyone te'amor :-* . Assalamualaikum !

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