When I woke up this morning , I realized that it's not their fault but it was mine . Alhamdulillah , right now I don't have that feeling anymore but I still don't have courage to face with them . I don't know why . But right now , alhamdulillah I'm doing just fine . When I rethink about it , actually I can't blame them for being like that . It's up to them to be what they wanted to be and I don't have any right to stop them for being what they wanted to be . 

Then , I realize something , just think about it . Memories won't fade away and it always be there . Look , when we're having a problem with our friend and we were like " Okay I won't be her/his friend anymore because I hate her/ him . " But actually when we think about it , it's just a small misunderstood and just because of that little tiny problem , you just wanna let go your friendship that you had build with your friend for years / months ?

Why don't we recall ourselves and think about our sweetest memories when we were with them . And then you'll realize that why you must end your friendship just because this small problem ? Why ? And yes , I'm asking myself then I realize that , I can't end up my friendship like this just because of this small problem that I created by myself . And I was like , I shouldn't act like this . This was totally WRONG !

To be honest , I don't like people who's avoiding me for no reason . Yes , like why you acting so weird and why you're trying to avoid me ? What did I do to you ? Do you hate me ? Do you don't like me ? May I know the reason why all of sudden you keep avoiding me . 

The funny thing is right now I'm doing this thing toward " Someone " and I was thinking did " Someone " felt what I felt ? Hahahaha . I'm so sorry for being like this . There's SATAN everywhere in my head that makes me felt like I DON'T WANNA BE YOUR FRIEND ANYMORE but actually yes I realize that I do wanna be your friend forever and ever . Hope that we protect our friendship that we had build for years . 

Thanks for reading . Have a nice day peoples ! And I'm going back to Ipoh tomorrow and yes maybe I won't updating my blog for a while . Bismillah for semester 3 ! Wuuhuuu ~

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