I don't know why lately I'm not in a good mood . Always thinking about things that I shouldn't think about . I don't know why am I this weak . I'm so sorry , I just need to stay away from some people because all I need is just to be alone right now . I don't know why I had this feeling and I know that I shouldn't have this feeling . " Someone " that I adore and I care about is slowly becomes " Someone " that I hate and I dislike and " Someone " that I don't wanna be friend with . 

So , right now I'm trying to change this feeling slowly . I just need some spaces between myself . I need to calm myself because this will help me to RETHINK about what's happening right now . This feeling is so wrong . This wasn't me . I wasn't like this . I'm so sorry . I just need to calm myself . Just give me some spaces . I just need to think positive . 

Wishing that , they would change themselves to be better than before .

I'm sorry . I just need time to recover myself . I will find myself . Assalamualaikum.

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