Friendship Vs Relationship

So I'm going to talk about FRIENDSHIP VS RELATIONSHIP . Alhamdulillah , this year I'm turning 19. And I know at this kind of age , they like to talk about relationship . Yes , I didn't said that I'm not interested in relationship . Yes , I'm interested but I'm still not ready to be in a relationship. Right now , I just wanna stay focus on my diploma since my result wasn't that good . I'm trying my best to not fall in love with someone right now . To be honest , I've never be in a relationship before . I mean I do have a relationship with someone but I've never met him since we're in a relationship and btw we knew each other in myspace and yes I don't consider it as RELATIONSHIP . Hahaha . It's just insane well I'm just a kid . And so yes , I've never be in a relationship . Idk why , maybe I'm not that prety and maybe because I'm fat so there's nobody likes me . Hahaha

Okay , done with that part . Let us proceed to the next part. Yes , I do care about friendship more than relationship . Because in my opinion , when you're feeling sad , depressed or happy you will always find your bestfriend . It feels so nice after you express your feeling to them . And yes , I love all my bestfriend and my friend . Even sometimes I felt like they didn't even care about me . Or maybe it's just my feeling . Well , when they need me they just have to find me . And I promise that I'll always be there for them if they need me . So to all my bestfriend and friend out there , I'm just wanna say that no matter what happen you'll always be my friend :-* . And I'm sorry if I'm not good enough for you and I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings and I'm sorry for everything if I've did something wrong with you guys .

Just gonna say that , appreciate peoples around you . Thanks to them for making you stronger than before . And also appreciate your bestfriend and thanks to them for always be there when you need them . Assalamualaikum. Have a nice day my favourite peoples :-*

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