Assalamualaikum . Hello APRIL . First of all , i wanna say happy belated birthday for my handsome and always be my number one king forever . Happy belated birthday for my ABAH . Abah you're such a caring dad and you're an awesome dad. I love you more than words .

So , this upcoming Sunday i'm gonna go to National Service Balik Pulau . So , 3 months from now , i'm not gonna post any entry . But , dont ya worry after that i'm gonna share with you guys how's my life in there . Right now , my wish is i wish my friends could come to see me . Buy me some foods . Haha . Well , i hope you guys bring me some KFC or something fast food :P . Well , i cant have it since i'm in there . Well, my '*harabujji friend* told me that PLKN is the prison for me . Well , i dont think so , maybe im gonna have fun in there . Well , i hope so .

And goodbye to my dearest friend *Cik Aimi*. She's gonna go to PLKN in Perlis tomorrow. I hope everythings gonna be alright . Take care lil twin . I cant be there with you. I hope you're enjoying yourself. Okay ? Well , and i hope i can enjoy myself there too. Right now , im 90% ready to go . Im gonna find another 10% of myself . Haha .

Thanks for reading this . Take care everyone ! 4 days already . Alhamdulillah. Yeay ! Yeay !

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