Speaking Looondoonnn .

Hello everyone . It's been a while since i didnt update my blog . Sorry for that. Well , i'm kinda busy lately . Yeah , sort of . Keke . Btw , i wanna say HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO LEE HODONG / LEE HOWON *same person* . He's now 23 years old . So , happy birthday to you . As an inspirit , i'll always support you guys . Always ! Remember that :) . I hope he's getting more handsome and attractive and stay healthy and energetic . Oh yeah , btw alhamdulillah for my spm result . Well , it's not something that i expected but yeahh thanks Allah . I've tried my best and this is what i got .
Oh yeah , i wanna share a good news with u guys . Actually , it doesnt sound good for me but i hope it's gonna turn into something that i would like to. Alhamdulillah , i've got been selected for 2nd intake *National Service*. Yeah , i dont know if i should be happy or not . Next week , im gonna leave my home / my family / my kpop idol / my laptop / my unifi . *sigh*. But at least it's still in Penang . Oh yeah ! I'm happy bout it . At least , every weekend my family can visit me . Yeayyy !
And the another sad things is i'm gonna celebrate my birthday this year at National Service . I'm gonna be 18 soon . And yeah , i hope my new friends will remember my birthday. It's gonna be sad if you're celebrating your birthday all by yourself. Yeah , forever alone ? Huaaaa i dont want it . It's not gonna be happen . please ! please ! please ! I'm gonna make sure they all know my birthday :P. Okay, am i being selfish right now ? I hope i'm not . :) . I hope i can meet a lot of new friends . Yeah , i hope so :'( .
Well , that's all . Thanks for reading . Good night everyone . Assalamualaikum. XOXO .