Hello everyone ! 2 days ago infinite had just released their new song ' REQUEST '. Well, i think in this video Hoya is the main character :P. Lol. I just love the part when they're all laughing and riding bicycle. Well, it's really cute >,< . As an INSPIRIT i will keep supporting them. And i'll love them more and more. Hihihi . The past is past , why dont we just forget about L's scandal. Well, it's just a rumor right? :) .
Next month , they'll come to Malaysia. As an inspirit , im quite sad because i cant go to meet them . Because of my exam is getting near and i only have one month left to study. But it's okay, maybe someday i'll meet them... Haha. I hope they're all doing well there. Hmm, especially Myungsoo-shii. I hope he's doing well after what had happened to him. I feel sad too :'( . You have to stay strong :)
That's all for today . I should study now. Keke. Assalamualaikum ! Have a nice day ~ .

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