Hello everyone. Hows your day? Hope its much BETTER than mine. TEEHEE *copying NIGAHIGA*. So tomorrow is our school MERENTAS DESA *vomit rainbow*. Oh okay i really hate it ! I dont like sweating. Alright , and i know u can imagine the size of my body. *vomit again*. Im not that TINY LITTLE GIRL but im a big one. Like seriously. Not that MEGA BIG XD. Wait-3 . I love SWEATING well its good for our health but but but i hate RUNNING like MERENTAS DESA ! Cant BREATH ! Its DISASTER !

To Capital L im sorry for being too SHY . Well, its GREAT if u talk to me but i keep avoiding it happen to me. OMK ! Whats happening with me right now? I just wish u could talk to me but im the one who keep avoiding myself for talking to u. Hmm, SORRY again ! Im too SHY . Like seriously. -,-'. Stupid me. Sorry BESTFRIENDS for being like that. I know, its stupid but i just did it. LOL. 

Okay, getting myself ready for tomorrow. Hmm, GO GREEN GO GREEN ! I just wish GREEN will be the WINNER for this year :'3 . Hmm, good luck CAPITAL L. Please make us *GREEN* proud of u. Be a winner? Can u? LOL. *thumbs up*. Okay, good bye everyone. ASSALAMUALAIKUM ! Opps, ter-speaking pula biasalah cg Sarrah xmasuk kelas minggu nie. Sedih nyah !

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