ASSALAMUALAIKUM ! Its been a long time i didnt post any story bout myself. Okay , i dont think so its be a longg time. Okay correction , a short time :D . Yeahh, im busy with my homework and SLEEP SLEEP SLEEP. Ohhh i dont know why , now I REALLY LOVE TO SLEEP. ITS ALREADY BEEN MY ROUTINE TO SLEEP EVERY EVENING and i started to dream somethings thats CRAZY and SCARY . HHooohaaahooohhaaa <-- what sound is that?

Its scary when u're dreaming bout GHOST :) . LOL. But just now i had dream bout ghost that i cant see it but i can feel it. Some of them hate me , like to bullying me and last one , he love me ! HAHA. Its kinda weird but scary at the same time.

Alhamdulillah, it just a dream, i bet i dont want it come in my real life. I hope , it'll never be happen. AMINNN :) . So, to avoid this things happen again i've take a good step its DO NOT SLEEP IN EVENING. Some of them sayy, if we sleep in evening often we'll be CRAZY. I dont want to be CRAZY.

Ohh i've just renovate my blog , well its a little bit messy but nevermind , u dont mind right? Ohh and i've just removed my CBOX because i think i dont need it :D . Btw , thanks for ready this post and have a nice day ! :D

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