New Life

Assalamualaikum ! Howya ! Fheww, really miss my blog. Acece XD . So here i'm , trying to tell the world about my story :) . Its about my NEW LIFE in form 4. I must say that since i've been in this year , its kinda HARD for me because this is my first time studying biology , physic , addmath , chemistry. And at first i was like YEAY YEAY YEAY. OKAY OKAY. OH YEAHH :) .

But when it gets to the new chapter i was like AHH AHH OOHHH EMMM :O . Its getting hard for me. But i do love ADDMATH but but i dont really like it when it becomes more complicated like HOW AM I GONNA DO THIS THINGS ! ARGHHHH THINKING THINKING THINKING ! *nahOverRight?Haha . So , i decided to leave it and enjoy updating my blog , watching television , facebook , twitter? Hihi. Yeah yeah , i know addmath is very complicated. Sorry to TEACHER NAEIMAH , because i've FAIL addmath for my UP1 . Insya-Allah i'll try much more harder this time :D .

Lets talk about subject that i love ! Hihi , since i love nature not really that much , so i do love BIOLOGY !! Yeayyy . Its fun you know when get know about that things that things in human / plant . Seriously , biology is not an easy subject but if u love it InsyaAllah u can do it ! So , sofia hwaithinggg <3 . Alhamdulillah , in my UP1 i've got an A- . I know it just a begginer for me and i hope i can score more than that ! :D .

Friends? Since i've been with them more than 3 years, forsure the things that we dont like at them will usually visible in our eyes. Sorry . U dont know that my heart is bleeding because of what u've said / did to me ! Its hurt a lot :(

Thats all for today. And have a nice day ! :D. And sorry for my bad grammar :) .

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