Assalamualaikum ! Hello there ! Attention to my stalkers please behave yourself when u're in this site. Okay , i just need some respect here. It's all bout my life if u dont like it please do not read it ! And i dont need that F$%^ / harsh words from u guys i just dont really need it. Opss , really i dont want it actually :) . I just wanna talk about my HATER <-- all of sudden.

Sometimes , i keep thinking DO I HAVE ANY HATER OUT THERE? Forsure my mind / heart will say YES U'VE IT ! But i just dont know who and because of why he/she hates me . Dont know how much they hate us :) . As for me i dont want to know SOMEONE who HATES me !

Seriously , i dont wanna think bout it , because when i think bout it my heart beat very fast. And if i know THAT SOMEONE hates me, i cant control myself to stop thinking bout THAT SOMEONE :) . Its my BAD HABIT ! Because if i know that they HATE me , i'll X100 times HATE them . I mean , Pfhhhh pfhhh and pfhhhhh :O.

Yeahh , sometimes i just said what my mind told me too , maybe because of that i've lost a friend but i've just gain a new HATER :D . Hahaha. So weird ! I'm so sorry for my bad habit. Now , i've try change myself to be a GOOD GIRL i mean BETTER GIRL than BEFORE (Y) . Hows that? Steadyyyy beb ! HAHHAHA :D

Ahh, maybe its awkward when all of sudden i've change my words from Malay to ENGLISH. Seriously , i just wanna improve my english skill and grammar. Forgive me if it seems like too over :) . Im not a perfect girl in this world , i'll try to improve my english grammar :) .

P/S: Tomorrow is FRIDAY but i've MERENTAS DESA on this SATURDAY :'D

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