I like you.

Love is sometimes beyond our expectation. Never know until you started to realize that you like someone. Being in love with someone is not a sin but sometimes it might hurts you so much. Who knows someday, tomorrow or maybe later you started to missing someone. But all you can do is just playing with your mind and your heart. Once again, your heart is in pain. That day, I remember when my heart beats so fast when I look at him , I know that I like him so much. That day, I've never felt like that for my entire life until I met him. The one that I like the most. But how cruel to have this feelings because I've no courage and I've no strength to tell him that I like him so much. All I can do is just watching him from far and just smiling at my own self.

After my high school, I still have this strange feelings and it won't fade . And then I started to realize that I've to stop being like this. I've been stalking him for the past 4 years which is a dumbest thing that I've done. I know that he's happy with his love's story. And guess who's hurting ? Yes, it's me . It's cruel to have this feelings but who am I to get mad at something like this? Right now, I realize that I've never get a butterfly in my stomach whenever I saw his pictures. And it means that, there's no more love from me left for him. I started to realize it again, that I miss being falling in love with someone. How I wish that someday I'll get to have this feelings again. It might hurts me but at the same time it makes me happy.

Whoever you're and whoever you like, have some courage to tell them that you like them. Never too late to tell them. Even if they rejected you at least you know what should you do for the next step. Either you wanna give up or you keep on trying. Who knows that he's or she's the one for you.All the best in finding your soulmate. May your heart remains happy forever.

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