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Dear self , be patient because everything that's happening right now, He knows that you can manage to do this so stay strong like usual and keep on smiling. Hello guys ! So currently I'm in study week mood . I got paper for this Friday. Wish me all the best. Hopefully I can achieve my target and hopefully there's no repeat subject for me like EVER! I don't wanna have to. So this is just a random post , You know what , sometimes I don't know how to react with certain people. I know someone and yes "tet" did not have any friend. "Tet" used to have it but now it's gone . From my point of view ( I'm not trying to judge anyone here it's just my opinion ) , "tet" never realize or never try to solve it about the reason why "tet" friends is leaving "tet" alone. You know that "tet" is just get mad and talking bad about "tet" friends &  I was like okayyy . Actually this is my solution . Why don't you try and look deep inside of yourself in which part that person doesn't like you. So we can stop blaming them for not liking us . I had an issue with "tet" and I never mention it to "tet" because in second though I guess if i tell "tet" about things that I dislike "tet" it's gonna turn the world upside down hahahaha. Seriously "tet" got a serious anger issue that I don't want to mention but already mentioned hahahaha. Maybe "tet" friends got the same problem like mine . "Tet" is nice but most of the time I don't really think that "tet" gonna fit in with me. Hopefully someday "tet" gonna realize that what "tet" did was wrong and hopefully "tet" will try to control "tet" anger problem.

The next one is about my crush. I mean my ex-crush lol since when crush is an ex . I'm sorry. Now to be honest I'm tired of chasing his shadows but he never realize that.And just now I saw he uploaded insta story with his girlfriend well at first I thought that she was just his bestfriend and yes I was wrong. The way he looks at her and the way they were together , it makes me sick and I'm tired. Now for real , I'm done with him. Thank you for stay in my heart for 4 years but right now I need to stop doing all this shit. Why am I care about you so much but you never know that I like you for so fucking long time. You guys should call me STUPID for not telling him the truth but tbh I'm not strong enough to know what he really think about me. I just wanna close my heart for him. Hopefully he's gonna stay in love with that girl and someday hopefully they will getting married.Thank you for making me happy for the past 4 years and the reason that I smile everytime I saw you :) . There's no more "MR.F / LEMONADE " after this. You're totally GONE now in my life.

Hahaha see I told ya that this is a random post so have a nice day everyone. Thanks for viewing and reading my random post and have a nice day. Assalamualaikum !Pray for me that I'll pass all the subject for semester 5 . Can't wait to end all of this . Aaamiin . Thanks !

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