How to express our feeling towards someone ? When I like someone , I don't show it by seeking for his attention but I'll try to avoid talking to him . Weird right ? Sometimes I don't even understand myself , what I really wanted . I like him but yet I'm too shy to express it to him . I always thinking , what if I tell him that I like him then he says " Sorry , not interested . " then ? How should I react ? And what should I do and how am I gonna face him for the next day ? So , whenever I like someone , I'll keep it all by myself and I'll never ever ever tell them that I like them . That's the reason why I lost so many good opportunities when it comes to "LOVE" .

Actually I've been rejected by this 1 guy which is my ex-bestfriend , I like him a lot since he's always cheer me up . My bestfriend told him that I like him and guess what , he didn't even talk to me for A YEAR ! My bestfriend was so stupid and I didn't understand why she wanted to tell him that I like him . Look what she had done , but luckily after that he started to talk to me like there's nothing happen between us . I'VE BEEN REJECTED AND IT'S SO FUCKIN EMBARRASSING  ! So since that I won't say anything if like someone , just keep it to myself and also my bestfriends. But still , among them all *crush* , "MFBA" you will always be my favorite :)

P/S : had a new crush but i like MFBA more than him ;)

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