Hello everyone . Wanna share something with you guys . Alhamdulillah , at last i've decided that i'll be going to Royal Medical College Perak which is located at Ipoh . I'll be going this upcoming Saturdayyy . Well , let be honest ... I feel so bad because i'm gonna be far with my family . Even Penang to Ipoh take only 2 hours . But still , im gonna miss my family especially my Mama and my Abah . I really hope that i can further my study in Penang but sadlyy i wont make it --' . Pffff ! So maybe this is my qada and qadar so i've to accept it . Okay , i'm okay :'( . No crying . Nope .. *smile*

Lately i've been in LOVE with CONVERSE SHOES . Like seriously . I dont know why . Haha . I'm gonna buy this shoes and i'm gonna wear it everyday. Oh yeah oh yeah . Hahaha . Wait for it . Baby , mama will take care of you . Dont worry . I'm gonna buy this high cut shoes . *excited*. Opps ! Now it's already 1.56am . I should go to bed now .

Nyte world . Assalamualaikum . 

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