Morning Story

Morning guys ! Yeah , i'm an OWL . Lol. Okay it's not funny . First of all good luck for LK students , Ekonomi Asas students and others for your last paper . Good luck and do your best . Well , you'll be one of us . Welcome to the club ! Hahhaa . It's been 5 days that we've FREE from SPM . Well , in March 2014 we'll get our result for spm. God , i hate it ~ I dont know am i doing good or not. Im just scared . I think i'll cry . Hahahaha . I just hope all is well . I hope my result would be better than my pmr and my upsr .
Oh yes , thanks to Ainan , Aimi , Aishah , Afifah for spending your times with me for today. Thank you so much . Well , im quite upset with Puteri because she doesnt join us because of her FAMILY DAY . Okay , i get it . We should spend our times more with family than our friends . So, it's okay . Yeah , we're having a lot of fun. Watching movie ' FROZEN ' playing basketball and taking pictures with machine XD . It was really awesome . Althought , it's a little bit messy when we're taking our pictures . But yet , im still having fun.
Oh , i just forgot to tell you that , I LOVE LEE MIN HO . Hahahaha. I'm addicted to THE HEIRS . Chan Eun Sung is really cute and nice person and she deserves him . I mean Kim Tan . If i'm Chan Eun Sung i would like to pick DongHyu because eventhough he's a bad guy but he has a nice and warm heart. Okay , wait a sec , i want both of them . Hahhaha. Okay , maybe that's the reason why 'm not Cha Eun Sung and i am who i am... I dont know who would i pick. Hahaha. K , im getting insane.
Well , sorry for my grammar. And Good night everyone . I mean good morning everyone . Have a nice sleep. I should make a move now. Kim Tan.. Oppss ! I mean Lee Min Ho is waiting for me in m dream. Sleep well. :D

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