Assalamualaikum and hello everyone ! Maghrib maghrib juga sofia nak buat entry. Hehe. Mohon jangan dimarahi ya :D. Well, besok cuma exam BI paper 2 :D. Wish me luck ! Next day after that day is BIOLOGY ! Ohh am I gonna die for it ? -,-' . Wish me luck luck and luck for that ! Deal? :D.

Seperti yg pernah dijanjikan sofia akn bercerita mengenai CRUSH sofia. Well, I've a lot of crush but the truly is the only one :P . First nak ckp, mak sofia tak suka sofia bercinta dan yg sewaktu dengannya. Ini cuma suka , errr pendam perasaan. I SWEAR IM NOT GONNA TELL THEM :D . I SWEAR !

I've know him since I was in form3 , well he's new student on that time. He's kinda cute and Rendah XD. But it sokay . Hes nice ( at first ) . I dont even know his name and start to know his name and finally i've know it ! My best friend and i had gave him a nickname which is MR TEMBAM.

It doesnt mean he's tembam boy or what. All of sudden, it play on my mind to call him MR TEMBAM. Well, now im getting closer with him. Errr , dearrr i never talk to him before until now :D. What did i mean with getting closer? Well, im SEEEKERRR :D.

I know his birthday , i know his class, i know what's he doing in his class, i know what did he likes to play , i know blablablabla and blaaaa. Im just kidding DUDE ! I dont really know bout him , maybe a little? It possible yes ! I know him just a little :) . Trust me? Hehe. Kidding once again. I know lahhh :D. Haa haaa dah pening kepala lahh tue :D.

Until now im still watching him secretly . LOL ! :D . That's all. I hope MR TEMBAM one day u'll know me. :D. Hope we could be friend . Hehe. Gotcha ! Gotta go ! Maghrib sudah. Assalamualaikum ! Btw, Thanks for reading :) . Ahhhh , almost forget ! HAPPY MOTHERS DAY FOR MY BELOVED MOM ! Err, HAPPY MAMA'S DAY LAHH ! Hehe.

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