Assalamualaikum ! Helo everyone ! Its over ! Whats over ? " KAWAD KAKI " is over ! Syukur alhamdulillah , we've did our best ! Nevermind if we didnt win because its our first time join this 'KAWAD KAKI " . I'm happy with myself (Y) .

I dont know why , but what i can see deep in my eyes about him , he's nice with me. Like , he always by my side whenever im SAD , HAPPY , CRAZY and ETC. Finally , i've find someone who can be always by my side. He's like my ANGEL. HAHAHA :D . Okay sound CRAZY HUH ?

But its reality , even we didnt meet yet , yeahh because hes from the SOUTH but im at NORTH :') . But hes the best guy i've ever met ! I mean FRIEND ? :) . Thanks for being such a nice guy :) . Even , sometimes u're annoying HAHA but not too much . I mean maybe just A LITTLE.

Please dont MAD at me :D . Yess , most of my inbox full with your name. Only yours :'D . You know , i didnt want to delete some of your message but i've to , i mean if my inbox is full howcome i wanna message with you? :'O . My phone can only keep not more than 250 message only ;'D .

Its hard for me to delete it . Ohh am i a sweet friend ? Hihi :D . Thank you thank you and thank you for being my MEGA BEST FRIEND. You're AWESOME GUY ! Btw , sorry for my grammar mistakes . You know , i just wanna make my english grammar better. And btw , thanks for reading this ! Its about my AWESOME FRIEND. JUST FRIEND (Y)

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