I hate today.

Today is one of my worst day ever ! Just imagine that I've to buy another ticket because they miss to mention this stupid number of bus? And the most bullshit thing is when I went to the counter and asked that fatty lady she said like this " It's your fault , you shouldn't waiting for the announcement but you should find the bus all by yourself. That bus is already gone" . And I was like "What the fak are you fckin kidding with me rn?" For my past 3 years here , it's my very fckin first time that I missed my bus and it's not my fault at all. Before this they never miss calling the number of bus but this time is totally bullshit. I hate their services and well "Aku haram kan duit aku". It's your fault not mine but why should I be the one who's in fault ? I've burn my precious rm20 . Maybe for you guys it's not that much but for me it is. Dah la dengan duit belanja tak cukup and now this bullshit jadi. Luckily for the second time I didn't miss that bus but i'm fucking almost miss the bus because there's AGAIN NO ANNOUNCEMENT! When I bought another ticket I asked that lady on the counter "Nanti dia buat announcement kan" and she was like " Yes they will " but there's no FUCKING ANNOUNCEMENT ! This is the worst day for me and I hate it. Hopefully it won't happened again since RAYA is coming. Stop treating your customer like bullshit have some respect. I'm so done with this place. 

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