Hello everyone ! It's been a long time since i updated my blog. So, how are you? I hope u guys doing fine. Well, starting from today , batch 96's will have a big battle with spm. Including me. Hahaha. Okay, it's kinda awkward when i'm updating entry for my blog while others are studying. Okay, after this i'll continue my study for my bi paper. Hahaha. Okay, that is the reason why im typing ala-2 minah salleh. Okay, i'm trying to improve my grammar. Lol. *curious*.
I just hope that tomorrow will be just fine like this day. Hmm, expect for my stomach...I dont wanna eat that ' pichi-ke-te-aww' . Okay, that's how i pronounce it. Hahaha. So dont blame me if it doesnt sound nice . Lol. Okay... Idk what should i type now. Ahh yes ! I just wanna wish ALL THE BEST FOR BATCH 96'S AND LET US DO OUR BEST FOR OUR SPM ! I KNOW WE CAN DO IT ! YEAYY ! INCLUDING ME. HAHAHAHA. LET US DO OUR BEST ^^.
Okay, now i should really make a move. Take care everyone ! Keep calm and love INFINITE. lol. I'll be back after SPM. Insya-Allah. Or maybe not. Teeheee ! Byeeee ! Assalamualaikum !
*should study bi now. Adios !*

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