Assalamualaikum ! Second update. Heyy saya masuk contest. Berkenan? >TEKANSAYA< . Tak lupa , HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY ELDER SISTER >SharifahNurhidayatulHusna< now she's already 19 years old. Tua laa mu KAKAK GENDUT XP .

Let see, this is special entry about special friend in my life (Y) . I've know him since i was in form 2 in december :) . We've know each other in social network( AGAIN!) but not in facebook but in myspace ( LAMAN RUANG SAYA ) . First we didnt KAMCENG but at last we've been best friend forever katakann XP .

We always sharing , talking , gossip about something that we want to . About school , loverr , funny storyy and more and more and more ! >.< . Theres a lot bebbb. He's the best guy i've ever know ! You see he's too GREAT / CLEVER / FUNNY / MULUT LASER (Y). I was like we've know for a looonnggg timeee agoo :)

Yess , thanks to myspace because without it i've never know him :P . Until now we're still bestfriend. Okay he's from south but im in north :O . Jauhh gila vaveeengg ahhh :D . Even we've never meet before but i think he's a good guy. :D

Okay that's all. To MR.A you know what? You're the best best friend ever ! Thanks for being my best friend for a longg longg time . Lepas nie dia PENGAWAS lahh kann kita KOOP jee apa celluuuppp :D . Good luck in your SPM 2013 ! (Y) .

This is my song for youu :D . Okay i've told you to listen to this song alreadyy dont know if youu already listen to it or not :O


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